Access Point Information Canada

Access Point partners with Highway Three Solutions to build their Information Portal and re-launch their flagship products.

Access Point Information Canada has extensive experience in providing critical Business to Business and Business to Government information. They have process over 8,000,000 transactions yearly and enable a business value chain in excess of $70 Billion annually.

In 2014 Access Point Information Canada (APIC) was at a major crossroads with their business model. Having operated, maintained, and enhanced the highly successful BC OnLine portal for over 15 years on behalf of the Provincial Government of British Columbia, Canada, it was time to completely re-think their technology strategy.

At the time, the BC OnLine platform was based on mainframe technology and adding new services to the aging infrastructure was just not feasible. Modern services were needed to scale the platform and to provide features, functionality and value to the Conveyance, Mortgage (lending) and Insurance markets in Canada.

Given their long relationship and the high value proposition between APIC and Highway Three Solutions, it made natural sense for APIC to engage Highway Three to architect, design, build, test and deploy their brand new services: Tax Certificates Online, and eStrataHub.