Aspera Uploader Plug-in for Cantemo DAM:

Created a Cantemo plug-in to modify upload capabilities to utilize Aspera for high speed upload/download.  The Aspera node/transfer credentials were managed through an administrative interface and the Aspera connect interface utilized the Aspera API to monitor the transfer and register the asset with Vidispine after the upload completed.

Tech:  Python, AngularJS, Cantemo templating system

Aspera for storage, synchronization, and transfer for Envoi DAM:

Ability to monitor Aspera node activity to detect and register updates to assets (additions and deletes).  File transfer to Zencoder using ascp for transcode.  Upload/download using Aspera with ability to create and manage multiple nodes & storages.

Tech:  Zend PHP Framework

Aspera for storage and transfer for Apollo DAM:

As part of an advertising sector centric DAM, H3 implemented a highly secure method of separating the assets for the clients.  The system programmatically created both S3 storage and Aspera transfer nodes so that security was completely protected for each tenant and client.  Auditing of all download/upload and Aspera usage allowed reporting to determine the transfer usage for each client.

Aspera Drive integration:

Content creators at an advertising agency utilized native applications to manage their assets, and web interaction for upload/download did not fit into their method of working.  Aspera Drive was utilized so that users could drag & drop files and folders on their local computer, as opposed to utilizing a web interface for uploading large files.  Modifications to Aspera Drive were made by IBM to support check-in/check-out which enabled offline editing of files.  New/modified files were monitoring using Lambda functions as well as the Aspera event API, and ingested into the DAM.  Asset folder paths were mapped and synchronized to asset metadata in order to maintain a strict folder structure and assist in automated tagging of assets.

Tech:  Python/NodeJS