CannaLims is a full service Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It manages lab workflow, documents test results, and financial order tracking. The system is at the heart of Phytatech operations and crucial to their rapid expansion and success. 

As Phytatech’s business expanded rapidly, they found the original LIMS system was no longer able to meet their needs. It was limited in capacity and features, and needed reporting functions for government compliance and integration to their financial system.

Phytatech needed a more robust and scalable system quickly. When their existing vendor ran into issues due to design and architecture limitations, they engaged Highway Three Solutions to help.

After evaluating the original system, Highway Three documented the system’s constraints, and produced recommendations containing several options.   An interim approach was approved to redesign the system.

This approach had two significant positive impacts:

  • To reduce duplicated code and implement modular components and upgraded libraries
  • Implement processes to improve quality and operational support including github/Jira integration, a fully functional test environment, and deployment procedures

After the successful initial engagement to improve the system’s core functionality, Phytatech continued to engage Highway Three to build high value features:

  • Enhanced the automated invoicing and notification (using Quickbooks API)
  • Integrated several new test and instrument types (including Pesticides)
  • Implemented a split workflow function to manage multiple tests on a sample
  • Automated submission to METRC (end-to-end tracking and tracing specifically designed for government agencies regulating legalized marijuana)

Tech Stack:

Front End: PHP pages with javascript for controls, javascript is all jQuery, uploads using qquploader.
Back End: PHP using PDO to connect to mysql database
QBO: Separate app in C# and .NET to connect to quickbooks
Reports: Generated in HTML then uses `wkhtmltopdf` to convert to PDF
Graphs: CanvasJS
Styled with bootstrap