Between the Ministry of Transportation and Information Management Branch (Corporate Services for the Natural Resource Sector) more than 100 applications (Oracle Forms/Reports and J2EE) were hosted on multiple Oracle 10GR1 environment. In 2012 both sectors initiated a mulit-year “Virtualize and Move Project” to upgrade and migrate the applications to OFM (Oracle Fusion Middleware).  Highway Three Solutions was brought in to provide expertise in the J2ee/Forms migrations, process changes required in the new environment, standards recommendations, and environment configuration.

Our solutions:

  • Recommended WebLogic configuration/Domain structure/deployment for MoT and CSNR Servers
  • Working with the IMB systems group to set up Solaris environment for new server
  • Evaluate and recommend configuration of Weblogic/Shared library setup/logging for OFM
  • Deploying MoT Sandbox, Development, Test and Production environments
  • Perform sample application conversion and deployments for MoT J2EE and Forms/Reports
  • Migrate and upgrade approximately 50 J2EE applications from Java 1.4 to 1.7