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Confluence offers your team one place to create and evolve your documents, share ideas with your teammates, and get work done together.

Super-charge your Jira with Confluence

Using Confluence with Jira gives you a single collaborative source to store documents, requirements, meeting minutes, retrospectives, reports and more. Link your project space directly to your Jira project for easy access to your materials.

confluence and jira Jira in Confluence

Create Confluence Dashboards for Jira Projects

Stakeholders and managers can view project status in nicely formatted charts and reports, without having to log into Jira. Use confluence to expose project status to a broader audience.

There’s a template for that…

When you create a new page, you don’t have to start with a blank slate. Instead, you can choose from a Confluence template that contains predefined content.

As an example, the requirements template allows you to capture your software/hardware product requirements, and create and track related Jira issues directly from the page.

Confluence Cloud ships with hundreds of templates that you can customize for your organization. New templates are automatically made available to your cloud instance.

Just like Jira, there is a marketplace with hundreds of plug-ins for Confluence, so that you can actively embed or link to project management software, visual tools such as Draw.io or LucidChart, calendars, externally linked documents, and more.

Confluence with Jira Service Desk


Add Confluence to Jira Service Desk to get an integrated knowledge base that makes it easy to unlock and share information across your organization and to your customers. Customers are presented with context-specific articles that may help them solve their issue before even creating a ticket.

Self service is not only cheaper, customers prefer it. An in-depth study by Forrester Research and Oracle analyzed business costs when handling support in multiple customer service channels. The results found that web self-service can reduce costs by as much as $11 per call!

Self service

When you link Confluence to Jira Service desk, you can easily create and provide knowledge base articles to your customers. You can even create a knowledge base article directly from a solved issue.

Lean Approach

How does Highway Three help your organization implement Confluence? We subscribe to the Lean Methodology. At its core, Lean is a business methodology that promotes the flow of value to the customer through two guiding tenets: continuous improvement and respect for people. Whether we are helping new customers onboard to Jira, helping with an Agile transformation, or just helping achieve your maximum potential with Jira, we follow the principals of Lean and Agile methodologies.

Our planning workshops help to clarify your current processes: intakes, how work gets done, how you verify and quality control your work product. We design a solution tailored exactly to your business needs, and then implement it directly in your system. Finally, we provide user and administrative training so that you get the most out of Jira.

Contact us to get more information on how we can help your team achieve their potential.

Confluence in the Cloud

The Cloud Platform is the foundation of security, compliance, reliability, privacy, and controls that span across Atlassian’s Cloud products. They have made several updates to their Cloud Platform, including the addition of encryption-at-rest for all customers and new end-user profile privacy controls. Atlassian Access, which includes enterprise-grade security and centralized administration across all Atlassian products, is also a part of the Cloud Platform. Read more about the Cloud Platform roadmap.

If you are currently using Jira and Confluence in a server environment, book a demo now to see how the cloud has changed the way the systems work together. A single cloud site provides access to all your Atlassian products, with centralized user management.

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